Cultural Classes -  For registration, schedule and more details, please contact through  respective class emails

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Dance (Kathak, Creative Movement, Bhangra, Bollywood): Forms | Brochure | Calendar

Dance Classes (Kathak, Creative Movement, Bhangra, Bollywood) are held from September until May of the school calendar year on Sunday mornings by Trital Dance Academy. The last class in May ends with a recital performance. An annual registration of $30 per student is required along with the class tuition which varies depending on the class. For further details and information please contact at

Hindustani Sangeet:    (   Download Forms   )     

Group Indian(Hindustani) Singing Lessons taught by Bollywood Singer and Sangeet Vishaarad(Masters in Indian Classical Vocal Music), Ms. Sunita Kapur

BEGINNERS- Basics of Indian Classical Music, Bhajan, Bollywood Songs, Karaoke Singing, Ghazal, Microphone techniques, Stage presence and more
ADVANCED- Raags with Aalaps, Taans and more
Also Introducing - BOLLYWOOD KARAOKE SINGING classes for Adults
All students get performance opportunities, Annual Recital, Certificates, Trophies!
Adults and children ages 4 above are welcome
For details or to confirm your spot email  
Watch Saraswati Pooja@ Hindu Samaj Mandir by Students

Bala Vihar:          More on    << Schedules >> 

Please note that we have closed off all admissions to our Balavihar-Language classes for the current academic year Sep16-Jun17.

Please email details to our class mailbox at, for having your child considered for the next academic year(2017-2018) for enrollment.

For kids to learn our precious culture, spiritual wisdom and related values through books, stories, bhajans, shlokas and games.

For more information, please  email at  or visit website

Little Ustaads:  ( Download Forms )    
(Beat a tabla, strum a sitar, groove to teen taal and rock to a raga, an Indian Classical Music program for children younger than 5 years)

Taught by Ms. Kavita Bafana who is a traditional Kathak dancer. The program allows children and parents to discover and appreciate the world of Indian classical music through rhythmic tunes, rich vocals, mini instruments and vibrant visuals.
Please contact through email at

Bharatnatyam   (   Download Forms   )

Bharatanatyam classes are being offered by Ms. Anita Ramaswamy (Director / Choreographer) of NrtyaSagar Dance Academy. Ms. Ramaswamy has twenty years of training under the guidance of renowned Guru Late Shri T K Mahalingam Pillai of Rajarajeswari Bharata Natya Kala Mandir and Guru Late Shri Mani of Kalasadan.

Classes consist of structured program and will be offered on Sunday mornings (9am-noon) from September to June concluding with an annual recital. Students of 5 years and above are invited to enroll. Come and enroll your kid for an opportunity to learn this art in an enjoyable manner and still be able to exercise and discipline one's mind & body.

Please contact through email .

Kuchipudi:    (   Download Forms   )

Kuchipudi is being taught by Ms. Prasantha Yelagani, A Traditional Kuchipudi Dancer. These Classes consist of a structured program. Beginners will learn the Mudras, Slokas, Postures and various Adugulu. Later they will be upgraded to the Advanced levels where they get trained in depth with the Complex level Adugulu, various Jatis, Abhinayas and Traditional items. This enables the children to discover our Indian roots and culture. It also plays a key role in developing the body of a growing child, improves concentration and memory. These Classes are offered on Sunday Evenings 3-6.30 PM and an alternate batch on Saturday Evenings 4-5PM. Students of 5 years and above are invited to enroll. Come and enroll your kid for an opportunity to learn this art form in an enjoyable manner and still be able to exercise and discipline one's mind & body.

For Class timings, schedule and location, please refer to the schedule at the top of the page or contact through email  .

Art Classes:    (   Download Forms for >  Adults  or   Kids    )

Juniors(6-10yrs) will be taught Mixed Media Mural, Grain Painting, Yarn Painting etc. Seniors and Adults(11+)will be taught Kerala Mural, Designer Name-board, Silk Painting.
Please check the Schedule for exact information.

Sindhu Govind is an Artist specializing in Indian Paintings. She was born and nurtured in an artistic environment, which encouraged her to develop interest for paintings at a very early age. She has always been fascinated by intricate, detail work, hence her interest in Indian paintings! She holds a Bachelors degree in Visual Communications from the University of Madras. She has a Diploma in Multimedia and currently a freelance Graphic designer. She pursues painting commercially and have executed orders for individuals and corporate houses both in India and abroad. She strongly believe that art has no boundaries and wishes to create a global awareness and appreciation for the Indian Art forms, which are one amongst the several invaluable possessions our culture.

For details about Art Classes, contact at 

Violin Classes:    (   Download Forms )

Madukar Lal is a professional violinist and has been a violin teacher for more than 30 years. He is also a member of the Music Teachers National Assocation (MTNA). He started learning how to play the violin at an early age in India under the reputable Master Rex Isaac. He played in various orchestras in India, including with Dr. K.J. Yesudas. He then came to the United States and continued studying under Maestro Ray Dotoratos from Julliard School of Music. He currently teaches western classical music (Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, etc.), theory, ear training, sight reading, folk songs, and music composition.
Music education starting from a young age has been found to be beneficial to all aspects of life from school, such as higher grades and standardized test scores, to a higher self confidence! Private instruction can help students with their performance in school orchestras. It can also help them receive higher grades in school. Additionally, playing violin can help their chances to obtain scholarships and acceptance into reputable colleges and universities.

Details about Violin Classes, contact at

Jain Classes
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First and third Saturday of each month Jain classes will be taught by Ms. Purvi Sheth at 10 a.m. The class fee is $250 for full year.
Please contact: 

Chess Club/Classes:     (   Download Forms   )

Sunday Evenings 3-4 pm Chess Club:

Hindi Classes
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Sunday Evenings 4-5 pm Hindi Classes:

Gujrati Classes:    (   Download Forms   )

Sunday Evenings 4-5 pm Gujrati Classes: gujaraticlasses@hindusamajmandir@org.

Telugu Classes:    (   Download Forms   )

Sunday Evenings 4-5 pm Telugu Classes:

Debate  Classes:    (   Download Forms   )

The debate class is designed to foster the development of each student's critical thinking, argumentation, organizational and listening skills. The class will not focus on grooming the student to become a debate tournament champion; rather, it will assist in the cultivation of those cognitive skills that are essential for academic, career and social success. The topics will be based on moral/ethical problems and government policy questions. The debate format will be relaxed.

The instructor, Ralph Cohen, is the founder and director of the Debate School of New Jersey, LLC. Prior to creating the Debate School, he served as a market and competitive intelligence analyst at such firms as IBM, XO Communications and Gartner Group, Inc. He holds an MBA from the University of Connecticut

For details on Debate Classes, contact at

Sunday Yoga for Kids, Adults and Seniors:    (   Download Forms   )

Kids Yoga: 9:30 am - 10:00 am
Offered Balvihar Days Only

Senior Chair Yoga: 10:10 am - 10:30 am
Complimentary with valid id, Offered Bal Vihar Days Only

Adult Yoga Gentle: 10:30 am - 11:15 am
45 min class

Adult Yoga Gentle: 11:30 - 12:00 pm
30 min class

Adult Yoga Flow: 12:10 - 12:55 pm
45 min class

Priti Dhariwal is a Yoga instructor and a volunteer Meditation Practitioner. Besides here other qualifications, she has Masters in Early Childhood (Montessori) and have a RYT-200 International Certification in Yoga.
Her Yoga teaching comes from deep within the heart of her own practice. She has been practicing yoga since 1985 and teaching since 2004. She has also been practicing Meditation since 1994.  She has been teaching adults, teens and kids in New Jersey since 2009. She feels that yoga makes us stronger, more flexible, and more stress free. It helps celebrate healthy body and mind for kids, teens, adults and seniors. She creates her yoga sessions with warmth, compassion, knowledge and humor. To register, please contact us at

Saturday Yoga Classes: (Adult yoga classes are run on Saturday)

Hatha Yoga class is offered free of charge every Saturday from 9:00 to 10:30 am at by the certified Amrit Yoga teacher Yogshri Birendra Kumar. He has been teaching Yoga over 10 years and last 6 years in the Temple. The class consists of gentle asanas, pranayama and meditation, is suited for adults of all ages and physical abilities, and is aimed to bring physical flexibility, suppleness, weight loss, pain free living, mental relaxation and spiritual "Oneness". To register, please contact via email at