Guidelines for Prasad Offering                                                                             

We are making this request fully aware of the sentiments of devotees. We have also given instructions to the priest to follow the the guidelines as given below. Lots of Prasad-sweets , fruits and prepared food brought as an offering is wasted because other devotees do not wish to receive them from the priests for various reasons such as dietary, health and sanitary concerns. We feel terrible when we are compelled to throw it away because of health code and liability reasons. We are therefore requesting:

1) Bring only Almonds/Raisins/Cashews (dry-fruits) as offerings
2) If sweets and other perishable food including fruits are brought, please do the following: a)after it has been offered to the deity , take it to the kitchen and distribute it to your family and friends b) take the Prasad home. Please do not distribute any food in the Mandir area.
3) We request that instead of sweets and other perishable food, please make a donation either by cash or check deposited in the donation box. Checks written to Hindu Samaj is charitable tax deductible. If you deposit cash in a sealed envelope with your name, and address, we will send you a receipt. Such donations will help the temple to pay off mortgage which is over $4million.

We deeply appreciate your understanding, cooperation and generous donations

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                             

To all our members and friends: as you know that we are close to achieving our goal - completion of the Mandir and Community Center. This could not have been possible without your support. Sevaks of the Mandir would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support and generosity.

Our main purpose is to offer various programs to all of you and build a strong foundation for our community and next generations to come, which can only be possible with your active involvement. We are looking for willing participants’ to help us organize various events, functions and gatherings.

Hindu Samaj has six working committees. All these committees need volunteers to perform required tasks benefitting our community. The six committees are:

1. Building Management & Maintenance               2. Communication
3. Community Center & Operations                     4. Cultural Affairs & Museum
5. Education/Children/Youth                             6. Religious

To join any of the above committees, please email us at

Garden Club Activities                         

Please join Garden Club for planting of flowers (seasonal and perennials), Organizing sale  at least two times a year and providing fresh flowers for Puja at the temple on Saturday and Sunday (with nominal price).

Other Services Available                         

1. Free Tax Filing Assistance for Low and Moderate Income Seniors Above 60 years of Age.

2. Legal services to our community as needed. Lawyers in the community network specialize in a whole range of areas of legal work (Immigration, Transactional, Real Estate, Criminal Law etc.)

For details, please contact us at