Started in 1996, Hindu Samaj has a membership of approximately 2500 families. It provides religious, cultural and social services in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Hindu Samaj has temples for Ram Ji Parivar, Shiv Ji Parivar, Ganesh Ji, Maa Durga Ji, Vishnu-Laxmi Ji, Radha-Krishna Ji, Maa Saraswati Ji, Bala Ji, Hanuman Ji, Sai Baba Ji, and Mahavir Ji (Jain temple).

Mission statement

· To promote spiritual, social and cultural development of all people who believe in the diverse manifestations of the Hindu religion.

· To unify the Hindu community by developing appreciation for and celebrating all aspects of the Hindu Philosophy and Religion.

· To help our children develop a sense of pride and identity with our Indian heritage, while actively helping them prepare to be the finest citizens of our new adopted home.

· To promote inter-religious social and cultural understanding.

· To provide critically needed assistance and services to the members of our community and engage in humanitarian activities.

Hindu Samaj - Financial Statements

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Hindu Samaj - By Laws

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Annual Report and President's Message 2016

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Committees and Administration

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Administrative Committee Minutes, Rules, Regulations and Code of Conduct

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· Shoes are not allowed inside the temple.

· All food service in the temple must be strictly vegetarian and all drinks should be non-alcoholic.

· It is necessary to leave the temple premises neat and clean.

PROJECT OVERVIEW : FOUR PILLARS             download the plan
• 9,600 square feet plus 2,000 square feet balcony area
• Darbars and Mandirs
• Meditation, Havan and Prayer Hall
• Dedicated area for your Deities, Gods and Gurus
• Facilities for discourses on holy scriptures
• Facilities for lectures and discussions on spiritual topics
• 13,800 square feet plus 2,500 square feet of balcony, 2,600 square feet of lobby space.
• Full facilities for weddings, ceremonies, cultural and family oriented events
• Center for Senior Citizens with an array of services
• Classrooms for children’s Language, Arts & Crafts and enrichment classes
• Facility for yoga, dance and music practice and recitals
• Display area for Indian Art – permanent exhibits and exhibits from Artists and other Museums
• Facilities for children’s activities and youth programs
• 2,500 square feet of our current Temple building will be converted into a museum
• The museum will be open to all audiences especially children of schools in our area
• Display of the Recorded History (Videos/Audios) of our immigration to the USA
• Narratives of our experiences and achievements
• Stories of our social integration within the adopted homeland of the USA
• Profile of our families and their histories in the USA
• Profiles of scientists, leaders, scholars, saints and other visionaries from India
• Native Americans believe that the pond on the property was formed by a meteorite, and that unique forces of nature mysteriously keep the pond’s water level always higher than Ramapo River’s, which runs across from our property.
• The pond will be cleaned in accordance with the state laws. Water from the river Ganges will be brought from India and merged with the pond waters.  A meandering brook will be designed to flow around the 1.2 acres of gentle slopes that surround the pond.  Lush gardens, gazebos and areas for quiet contemplation and meditation will be created around the pond.  Facilities for outdoor special occasions will be provided. 
• Open-air concerts, weddings and other ceremonies could be performed amidst picturesque surroundings.
• Sculptures dedicated to Peace, Non-violence, and Unity-in-Diversity will be placed aesthetically within the gardens.